Gossip Girl: You know You Love Me

December 5, 2007 at 2:21 pm (Gossip Girl)

Reading the first Gossip Girl novel was not easy for me as it took quite some time until I got familiar with all the characters in the book. Even though we watched the movie in class before reading the novels, I had problems figuring out all the characters. So I enjoyed reading the second Gossip Girl novel much more because I already knew the characters and could relate much more to them, even though I still think that the characters are to be sorry for. Their lives are mainly made out of sex, parties, boys and girls, and drugs.gossip-girl2.jpg

The second novel starts with Blair’s birthday party together with her gay father and her beloved Nate. Again, the two teenagers want to have sex, but Blair’s mum and her new boyfriend Cyros Rose interrupt them by telling Blair that they are going to marry. Mentioning and celebrating the announcement on Blair’s seventeenth birthday hurts the girl. Here you can see that Blair’s mum does not take her daughter’s feelings seriously. She seems to be a selfish person who just thinks about her fiancĂ© and her wedding.

Nate and Blair don’t get along with each other any more, and so Blair tries everything to make things up for Nate. She wants to buy him a beautiful though expensive cashmere pyjama, but her mum’s credit card does not work, and so she steals the pyjama pants. Serena van der Woodsen becomes the witness of this thievery, but she does not blurt out the truth.

Nate, who does not seem to love Blair very much, meets Jenny Humphrey by accident, but the two start seeing each other behind Blair’s back. Jenny falls in love with Nate who also develops some feelings for the fourteen-year-old girl.

Serena van der Woodsen dates with Dan, but Serena gets freaked out because of Dan’s dark poetry. He seems like a stalker who is obsessed of Serena. He even thinks about marrying her, although soon he realizes that Serena does not have the same feelings for him. He recognizes it when Serena, him, Nate and some of Nate’s friends go to Brown University for their interview. Serena falls asleep with holding Nate’s hands. They really seem to feel something for each other.

Blair drives with her new stepbrother Aaron Rose, Cyrus’ son, to Yale University. Aaron, who justhas moved into the Waldorf’s household with his dog Mookie, wants to be nice to Blair and accompanies her to her important interview at Yale. Unfortunately, Blair is so sad and upset at that time that she messes up the interview by kissing her interviewer and revealing him all her problems. That is really a sign that the girl is in desperate need of talking to someone who really loves her. She is so depressed that she does not have her emotions under control. Even though Blair becomes friends with her stepbrother, she does not approve of the marriage between her mother and Aaron’s father.

Things really get worse for Blair at her mum’s wedding when she sees her boyfriend Nate kissing Jenny Humphrey in the hotel lobby. Nate provokes it. He even wants Blair catching him kissing Jenny. Blair feels so bad and sick that she runs into the bathroom to throw up. There, she meets Serena who tries to consult her and help her with her make-up. They become friends again.gossip-girl_group.jpg

Sometimes really bad things must happen that people realize who their friends are. The novel provokes so many thoughts about the social upper class of people who can wear the nicest clothes, drink the best alcohol, wear the best make-up, go to the most famous parties, take drugs and still be accepted by society, etc. Celebrities like Britney Spears can have all of the things the girls in the book can have, but are those people really happy? Look at them!!! After some time they get dependent on drugs, look like s…, cannot show up in the public anymore…. But is this a satisfactory life?! The novels really made me think about the real values in life. Sometimes, I wish to have much more money to spend it on whatever I wish: go to the best restaurants and bars and drink the best cocktails available, have the nicest clothes one can get, wear the most expensive make-up… but when I look at those girls in the novel, I am glad that I am not like them.


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