The Cheetah Girls: Hey, Ho, Hollywood!

November 23, 2007 at 5:10 am (The Cheetah Girls)

It is not that I am lazy to write a lot about the last book of the Cheetah Girls Livin’ Large Books 1-4 that is called Hey, Ho, Hollywood, but it is really hard to write a remarkable long comment after writing pages about the first three books. For me, the story is not very different from the other three stories. the-cheetah-girls.jpg
It is about the girls who really try hard to become famous and get really frustrated when they lose the world-famous Apollo Amateur Hour contest. All the girls cry and are very upset. They cannot believe that they have lost the contest. They react as if the whole world has broken down. Their reactions show that it is their greatest wish to become famous singers. They really want to make their dreams come true, and they try everything to give the best. But their effort is not enough, and they lose the contest. Luckily, Galleria’s mum’s hairdresser Pepto B. makes it possible for the Cheetah Girls to come to his salon and sing in front of his famous customer Kahlua, the teenage R&B diva. Kahlua’s last single topped the charts, and so the girls are really happy that they can rock Pepto B.’s salon with their newest song “More Pounce to the Ounce”. As Kahlua likes the Cheetah Girls’ performance, she hooks up a meeting with her record label executives in Hollywood. The girls are so excited and are looking forward to coming to Hollywood. Although they encountered great difficulties at the airport because of weather problems, Galleria and the girls finally make it to fly to Hollywood.

Besides the frustration of losing the Apollo Amateur Hour contest and the excitement of flying to Hollywood, one important issue in this novel is the relationship between Anginette and Aquanette and their future stepmother High Priestess Abala Shaballa Bogo Hexagone, their father’s new girlfriend. The twins do not really like her and are not satisfied with her behavior. She seems to be a very strange person who believes in spooky rituals and even practises the rituals in the twins’ home.deborah-gregory.jpg

Even though I don’t like the novel very much, I would let my kids read the fourth book of the Cheetah Girls as well, because kids can again learn something from the book. They find out that even if people encounter problems in life (like the Cheetah Girls did when they lost the famous contest), there is still a light at the end of the tunnel (the Cheetah Girls could fly to Hollywood in the end).  The relationship between the twins and their fathers’ new girlfriend is a valuable issue for kids as well. Many kids these days have to live with single parents, have get used to new stepparents, have to deal with divorce, etc. The novel helps kids to realize that they are not the only ones who have to deal with problems like that.

In conclusion, I would not have problems if my kids wanted to read the Cheetah Girls novels, even though I am not an eager advocate of the novels by Deborah Gregory I have read so far. The reasons for not being a supporter of the books can be found in the four comments I have written about the books 😉 .  



  1. Katie*!* said,

    The cheetah girls are so much better thay have gral power and High school musical has lam power its was boring,it draged,:(

  2. The Cheetah Girls said,

    Listen to the cd it is mini.

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