The Cheetah Girls: Who’s Bout to Bounce?

November 20, 2007 at 4:58 am (The Cheetah Girls)

Dorinda Rogers is the narrator of the novel “Who’s Bout to Bounce?”. Although Dorinda is only twelve years old, she already attends 9th grade at Fashion Industries High School. She seems to be the smartest girl of the Cheetah Girls and also the best dancer.the-cheetah-girls_livin-large.jpg

In this novel, Dorinda’s dance teacher tells her that she is a very good dancer, and that she has the power to audition as a back-up dancer for the singing sensation Mo’ Money Monique. Dorinda finally auditions and gets the job. But as she loves it to be with the Cheetah Girls, she is really worried about leaving the Cheetah Girls, and so she does not tell her friends that she got the job as a back-up dancer. Being a back-up dancer for the Mo’ Money Monique group means travelling a year around with the singers. This would mean for Dorinda to leave the Cheetah Girls and also her family behind.

Dorinda is a foster child and lives with her foster mum and dad and ten other children in the housing projects of Harlem, New York. Even though Dorinda likes her foster mum, she does not like to live with all the kids in the small apartment. Sometimes she really wishes to be able to live a normal live. As Mrs. Bosco is just her foster mum, the woman cannot show her feelings very well. She, for example, never hugs her kids and tells them that she loves them. Dorinda sometimes wishes to be hugged by her foster mum like the other Cheetah Girls are hugged by their parents. “I wish my foster mum would hug me like that. Maybe once she really adopts me, she will…” (Gregory 366). Finally, Mrs. Bosco asks Dorinda if she wants to be adopted by her, and Dorinda agrees. She is really happy about that because then she will have a real mother like other children have.deborah-gregory1.jpg

Dorinda does not like her foster mum’s looks, and she is also ashamed of her foster home. So she does not want the Cheetah Girls to meet Mrs. Bosco and visit their home. But one day, the girls meet Mrs. Bosco in front of the school. Without letting Dorinda know, the Cheetah Girls support Mrs. Bosco to improve her looks. They show her how to put on make-up and change her outfit. They also organize a surprise adoption party for Dorinda at her home. When Dorinda realizes that all the girls are driving towards her home, she really gets upset because she does not want the girls to see her home. But in the end, she is really happy of her foster mum’s new style, and she is really glad about the party the girls have organized. At the party, it is also revealed that Dorinda got the back-up dancer job. The Cheetah Girls are not angry at all about the tour, and they say that Dorinda has to know on her own what she wants to do. They even offer her to take her back into the group whenever she comes back.

Unfortunately, the adoption went wrong. Dorinda is not being adopted. In the end, she also decides against the tour, because she loves the Cheetah Girls too much.

When I was reading the book, I really thought that I liked the book much better than the other novels, because I started to like the Cheetah Girls. I started to like them because they helped to make Mrs. Bosco much prettier and also organized the surprise adoption party for Dorinda. But when I came to the university the next day and talked to the other students in the group discussion, I changed my mind. Some girls in the group said that the Cheetah Girls just have improved Mrs. Bosco’s looks because they did not want a pop group’s mum to look so embarrassing. As they liked the outward appearance of their mums, they also wanted Mrs. Bosco to look great. They not only did it for Dorinda, they just did it for themselves to make the whole girl group look better. They did not want other adults and teenagers to see the unstylish Mrs. Bosco.

I must admit, I haven’t thought about that when I was reading the novel. I thought that finally I could really see the true friendship among the girls. But after the discussion with the girls in the class, I really doubt if it is true friendship or just a superficial relationship among the girls.

Although I don’t like the book very much, I would let kids read the novel because they can still learn something from it. They learn about the problems foster children have to deal with; they learn about the relationship amongst parents and kids; they get an impression of making one’s dreams come true; they learn that not all decisions are made easily in life; they also find out that sometimes people have to keep secrets in order not to hurt other human beings’ feelings.

I would for sure not prohibit my kids to read this novel, because I think that kids can learn a lot from reading the book.



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