The Cheetah Girls: Wishing on a Star

October 31, 2007 at 4:54 am (The Cheetah Girls)

Galleria and Chanel, two fourteen year old girls, enter Fashion Industries High School. They live in New York City. gregory-deborah.jpgWhile being online in a chat room, Galleria gets to know a girl called Dorinda, who will also enter Fashion Industries High School. So they become friends with Dorinda. Chanel Simmons, her nickname is Chuchie, is a blend of Dominican and Puerto Rican on her mother’s side, Jamaican and Cuban on her father’s side. She lives in Soho. Her mother Juanita is divorced and now has a new boyfriend from France. Her dad also has a new girlfriend. Galleria Garibaldi is also biracial. Her father is an Italian garment manufacturer from Bologna. Her mother, a former model and now boutique owner and designer, is African American. Dorinda lives with a foster family and her skin color is black. Together with two other girls, Anginette and Aquanette, who are African American twin sisters, the three girls form a girls’ band called The Cheetah Girls. They all love singing and by the way they want to beef up their cash flow.

I must admit that I didn’t like the book very much, because I couldn’t identify with the girls in the story. Galleria, who lives on the Upper East Side of New York City, seems to be quite a wealthy girl, because she wears designer clothes – Gucci and Prada, eats Godiva chocolate, has a computer and a telephone in her own bedroom, has a poodle which can make use of several grooming services, etc. You realize in the way she behaves that she is wealthy. Chanel, Anginette and Aquanette also seem to have enough money. Only Dorinda doesn’t have lots of money and has to give the money she earns with The Cheetah Girls to her foster family.

I didn’t like the book, because I don’t like the characters very much. The emphasis is put on designer clothes, money, style, good looking, good reputation and being adored by other people.  the-cheetah-girls_livin-large.jpgThe girls are friends with each other, but their interaction is mainly based on labels and good clothes. If anyone doesn’t wear nice and expensive designer clothes, the girls complain about it and try to figure out ways how all the girls could dress similarly. Friendship is not based on values we normally associate with friendship. The girls often criticize each other and quarrel about things like the selection of songs.

What one has to take in consideration, though, is the fact that especially Galleria and Chanel get very much influenced by their mothers, who were once models and are also very much interested in expensive clothes and money. Chanel’s mum, for example, has now a French boyfriend, who seems to have much money, and Juanita thinks that “he might be her ticket to the Billionaire’s Ball” (Gregory 9). Here you realize that not love is in the center of their relationship but money. Maybe the girls don’t know anything else, because they are so much influenced by their parents.

The only thing I liked about this book was the forming of The Cheetah Girls Club, because you realize that the girls want to fulfil their dreams and try everything to make their dreams come true. A lot of girls at the age of fourteen have dreams about their future and lots of girls want to become actresses, musicians or models. The Cheetah Girls really have the power to make something out of their lives as singers and give children hope to be able to do so too.



  1. dah!!! said,


  2. krissy said,

    I like the book because it’s not sugar coated and it like real life and it shows true sercumstances

  3. nateil said,

    i think the cheetah girls series is very good,it shows hope for teenage girls. Just because the girls act a certain way doesn’t mean its not realistic. these arw really good book

  4. The Cheetah Girls said,

    Hey Hey Hey Hi Hi Hi, are you guys ready for a 7th movie of the cheetah girls, new people join in the cheetah girls it is going to be fun.

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