Anne of Avonlea

October 25, 2007 at 4:35 am (Anne Shirley)


Anne of Avonlea follows the Anne of Green Gables book and deals with the life of the sixteen to eighteen year old Anne Shirley.

Anne teaches at Avonlea School, but still she doesn’t stop studying at home with her friend Gilbert, who is also a teacher at the nearby White Sands School. New characters appear in the second Anne book, like her new neighbour, Mr. Harrison, who has a parrot. First Anne doesn’t get along with anne-of-avonlea_cover.gifhim, but later on she becomes a real friend of the somehow problematic neighbour. First everybody thinks he is a bachelor, but then his wife returns and they start living together again. Further very important new characters are Dora and Davy, the children of Marilla’s third cousin. Dora is the good and well-behaved girl who never does anything wrong. Davy, however, is the opposite. He makes a lot of foolish things and really gives Marilla and Anne a hard time. But still, he is loved by the two women. When their mother dies, Marilla adopts them, and Anne cares for them as well. The book also introduces many of Anne’s schoolchildren, like Paul Irving, who seems to have the same imaginative skills as Anne has. Therefore they get so well along with each other. Paul really loves his teacher Anne and even spends time with her after class. Paul Irving is an American boy who lives with his grandmother in Avonlea. After 25 years his father, who comes to visit Paul in Avonlea, meets Miss Lavendar again, with whom he was engaged once. Anne is the responsible person for the re-meeting of the two people. Finally, the lonely lady gets engaged with Paul’s father again, and they marry.

One really important aspect of the novel is the founding of theAvonlea Village Improvement Society A.V.I.S. Anne and many of her friends take part in the society and try to make Avonlea a better and nicer place to live. Unfortunately, not all improvements are made very easily and the society has to struggle with some defeats.

Why I loved Anne of Avonlea

Again, I loved reading the Anne of Avonlea book, because even though Anne seems to be more grown-up, she still has characteristics of a child. anne-of-green-gables_tea.jpgWhen she is together with Diana or when she is alone, she imagines all kinds of different things again. Therefore, she loves it to spend time with Paul Irving, the schoolchild, who sometimes lives in an imaginative world too. She still makes a lot of mistakes, like selling her neighbor’s cow having mistaken her for her own or getting stuck in a broken duck house roof. But one realizes her adolescent characteristics as well. She becomes more mature and less spontaneous. She really tries to fulfill her adult responsibilities and wants to make good children out of her schoolkids and her new siblings Davy and Dora. While Anne more adjusts to society’s expectations, Davy represents the non-conformist in the novel. He makes many mistakes and gives Marilla and Anne a hard time. But especially this makes the novel funny to read, and Davy reminds the reader of Anne. She made a lot of mistakes when she came to Avonlea, but still she was loved by Marilla and Matthew. Davy is loved by Anne and Marilla too, even though he makes a lot of troubles.

Anne is a girl who really wants to live in a decent and nice community. Anne wants to live peacefully with her neighbors. She even wants all her school kids to love and adore her, although it’s not always easy to make all people love you. She works hard to fulfill all the people’s needs.Β  Her friends and Anne have founded the A.V.I.S in order to make Avonlea a better place for all people to live. Anne is really concerned about her fellow-human beings, and I really appreciate that. Even though she didn’t have an easy childhood till the age of eleven when she was adopted by Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert, she is very concerned about the well-being of her friends and family.

She is a really admirable person and gives girls but also adults the possibility to identify with and relate to her. I really look forward to reading other Anne novels, but now I simply don’t have time to read books for me for pleasure. When I’m back at home in Austria, I’ll get some further books and tell my friends of the fascinating red-haired and freckled Anne Shirley.



  1. Leslie said,

    Hi! I’m Kate and I’m writing from Poland πŸ™‚ I found your site by accident because I was looking for Anne’s pictures for my blog. And that’s why I’m here πŸ™‚ (Sorry for my English because I’m still learning!) I read your article (not all, because I don’t understand everything) and I found that you like Anne of Green Gables! So do I πŸ™‚ Have you read other books from this series? If not, I recomend you because they are fantastic! If you are interested I want to invite you on my Anne’s site (unfortunalety in Polish)
    Greetings for you!

  2. rubab said,

    hi it is very intresting and good novel. i love this

  3. alina said,

    i hate this novel

  4. asb said,

    I read all of the Anne books and love them!

  5. kdeszter said,


    I’m also an Anne Shirley fan. And, could you please tell me from which edition this picture of Anne drinking tea was taken? I love this picture and would like to have the book which contains such wonderful pictures… Thanks and cheers

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