Nancy Drew Mysterious Stories: Nancy’s mysterious letter

September 25, 2007 at 9:45 pm (Nancy Drew)

Again Nancy Drew, the sleuth detective, is trying to solve a tricky mystery. She becomes involved in a case when her mail carrier’s entire mail bag gets stolen in front of her house while the man is inside talking to Nancy and Hannah, the housekeeper, and warming up. Ira Dixon, the victim, is nancy-drew-3.gifshocked and heartbroken, and Nancy tries to find out who the thief is. Nancy finds most of the letters again when she visits Ira’s Nixon’s neighbours to ask them questions about the relationship between Ira Nixon and his brother Edgar Nixon. The letters have blown off the seat of Edgar’s car after he had visited his brother. One of the letters she finds has been addressed to Nancy Drew. She finds out that she has received the letter by mistake, because the letter from England is intended for an heiress, also named Nancy Drew. Nancy starts to search for the young woman, but it becomes obvious that a dangerous man, Edgar, tries to prevent Nancy from finding the heiress. The clever and smart young girl detective finds out that Edgar Nixon plans to marry Nancy Drew, the heiress, to steal all her inheritance after the marriage. Edgar has found out about the inheritance accidentally by reading the letter after stealing the mail bag in front of Nancy’s house. Actually he just wanted to steal one specific letter of one of Mr. Drew’s clients, because there was money in it. He got to know the client via the Lonely Hearts Club he had opened. It was a fake Lonely Heart Club just to get money from his clients.  During Nancy’s investigation, she finds out that Edgar is a very dangerous person and involves many innocent and trusting people in the racket. Nancy, although several times in dangerous situations, finally saves the heiress from the schemer with the help of her two friends Bess and George.

Nancy again is portrayed as the very smart girl detective in the story, who solves the mysteries on her own with some help of her friends. She seeks nancy-drew_mysterious-letter.jpgfor justice and so she immediately tries to find the thief of the postman’s mailbag. She doesn’t want innocent people, like Ira Dixon, to get in trouble. Nancy strongly fights for economic justice, when she realizes that the inheritance should belong to the real Nancy Drew. She tries to search for her, even though she has to confront many obstacles on her way to find her. But she doesn’t only want to find her to tell her about the inheritance – no -, she wants to prevent her from marrying the sly, cunning schemer Edgar Nixon, who does everything to get money. He even engages innocent people to frighten the girl detective Nancy Drew. One day Ned, her boyfriend, and Nancy nearly get hit by a car, the other day Nancy nearly gets hit by a dropping curtain. At the airport before her flight to New York she even has been drugged by a woman who supports Edgar Nixon.

Nancy and her friends overcome all the obstacles and can be seen as the heroes at the end of the story. Sometimes I really want to be Nancy Drew, because her life must be really exciting. She has to solve so many mysteries.  The innocent people involved in the mysteries, for whom Nancy is the detective, are really proud of her and grateful for her support. She can be seen as a real girl hero. Imagine, the actress Nancy Drew had married Edgar Nixon – she would maybe be unhappy her entire life living together with a schemer. Thanks to Nancy and her friends, she has saved her heart and her money.


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